Have you ever heard of the term short term pain, long term gain? This is basically the perfect way to sum up an Ice Bath experience. The extensive benefits cold therapy has on the mind and the body will leave you wanting to try it no matter how unpleasant it sounds! An ice bath, also known as cold therapy or cold plunging, is the practice of immersing yourself into ice water, for a short period of time for various health and wellness benefits. So, what are the benefits?


The sudden cold temperature sets off a reaction in your brain that is programmed to respond to stressful, external events also known as ‘flight or fight’ response. They respond by pumping the hormone adrenaline into the bloodstream. A second hormone, noradrenaline, is also released.  This is responsible for increasing our heart rate, regulating glucose levels and breaking down fat.

Plunging also activates brown fat! Brown fat is the tissue that helps keep the body warm, helps control blood sugar and insulin levels. It also helps the body burn calories, which has prompted research into whether cold water immersion is an effective way to lose weight.

Plunging also improves the functioning of the prefrontal cortex (part of the brain) which helps with logical thinking.

Making the conscious decision to submerge yourself into an ice bath requires discipline and mental strength. Overcoming the fear of hesitation, you’re already mentally stronger which will help to make even harder decisions.

Will you want to try this during your ‘Soak Session’? #staysipsoak

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