Who’s ready to warm up at The Bathhouse this winter? 

Not only can you warm up with all the facilities here at The Bathhouse, you can now enjoy our very first warm cocktail! Introducing the Warm Butterscotch Martini!

To celebrate the launch of this cocktail, book in for our newest promo and receive it for FREE!

What is the Promo?

Enjoy a Vichy Shower treatment (click here to learn more), a 2 hour ‘Soak Session’ using all facilities including the Sauna, Steam Room, 3 Hydrotherapy Spas and Heated Magnesium Plunge Pool and of course, a Warm Butterscotch Martini!

$199, valued at $278 🤩

Please note, this promo can only be booked in from Tuesday-Friday in the month of June.

Click here to see a sneak peek or click here to book now! #staysipsoak

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