The Bathhouse concept was created by Founder Ashlee Laura in the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic when everyone was restricted from travel. The brand was created with an inspiration of Palm Springs, so clients can feel like they're on holidays.

Ashlee agreed, it was difficult to find a day spa retreat where she could be herself and not take life too seriously. "How can I create a space where everyone can unwind, relax and maybe even have a little fun?"

After struggling with severe depression and anxiety derived from a neurological speech disorder, Ashlee was put on life support at the age of 23. Being she was given a second chance at life; it was her mission to create a space and help others escape their own life difficulties through self-care and wellness.

Ashlee then built her first award winning skin clinic Eden Spa, at the age of 24, did we also mention with a 4-month-old child? This was created with a vision to provide a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.

10 years on, it was time for Ash to expand on her goals and aspirations to create a space as what we now know as The Bathhouse. A brand that isn't just for enjoying some self-care treatments, but a space where you can completely check out and enjoy, judgment free.


Positive Energy

Keeping your frequency high and projecting positive energy is our specialty and nothing but good VIBES.


The Bathhouse is an all-inclusive space and we welcome and respect ALL bodies.


Being grateful and appreciative of yourself that you took the time out for some self-care! Something that is so important, but often forgotten.