So you're looking to book in for a Spa Facial here at The Bathhouse but you're not sure what's included. Here is a step by step guide of what you will receive when you book in for a 'Freshly Squeezed' Spa Facial here at The Bathhouse!

Skin Consultation

Before your facial treatment, your therapist will conduct a full skin consultation to  not only check for contraindications, but to help customise the skin products used to your skins needs.  

Welcome Massage

To truly relax and prepare your mind and body for the facial, your therapist will perform a mini welcome massage to the face and décolletage to help set the energy. This helps to escape from any outside stress and really unwind and enjoy your treatment.


Using natural and organic products from the Organic Rituals range, your therapist will begin your facial. Once you’re relaxed and comfortable on the bed, the therapist will begin a double cleanse underneath the steam. The first cleanse will help to remove any makeup, excess oils and grime from the surface of the skin. This cleanse is super gentle and relaxing to help you unwind into the perfect treatment. The second cleanse will help to provide a deeper clean to help remove a build up of residue, dirt and oil which are all factors that contribute to clogged pores. When your pores are clogged, this can lead to them appearing larger in size.


Included in your facial is a gentle exfoliation underneath the steam using a scrub containing fruit and herb extracts to help you escape into a holiday dream. The purpose of the exfoliation is to gently buff away dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin. This helps to reveal fresh and juicy cells underneath! This step of the facial feels like heaven.

The second exfoliation performed underneath the steam is a professional strength Enzyme Buff or Vitamin C Microfoliant depending on your skin concerns. Both are activated when applied underneath the steam. While the exfoliant is activating, your therapist will perform a scalp massage... heaven!


The next step in your facial is a mask. Using an Australian Clay based mask, your skin will absolutely love you for it! This masks helps to withdraw any excess oil, soothe irritation, hydrate and nourish the skin. Basically… it’s the answer to all skin types and concerns! While your clay mask is settling into your skin, your therapist will perform a beautiful hand and arm massage. Say goodbye to tense shoulders and tired hands, this step will have you falling asleep!


It’s now time to remove your mask. The therapist will use a warm towel to gently remove any excess mask, to reveal soft and supple skin. To complete your treatment, your therapist will apply a serum, moisturiser and eye cream that is customised according to your skin conditions and concerns.


If you love the way the products feel on your skin after your facial, your therapist can write up a prescription of all the products that were used throughout your treatment. This way, you can begin your new skin routine at home too! Click here to read why it's important to use Paraben free products!

Click here to book in for your 'Freshly Squeezed' Spa Facial now or click here to purchase a Spa Facial as a Gift Voucher! Please note* Spa Facials are cheaper when booked in with a 'Soak Session'.

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