Need to give yourself some ‘me time’ by detoxifying your mind and body in our Sauna and Steam room? Or maybe you just want to plan a day trip with the girls to catch up on all your work drama and sip on some cocktails by the pool. Whatever it may be, The Bathhouse is the place to go for all of your self care needs!

Here at The Bathhouse Douglas Park, we offer ‘Soak Sessions’ which give you access to all of our amazing facilities! These communal facilities include our Sauna, Steam Room, 3 Hydrotherapy Spas all at different temperatures and our Heated Magnesium Plunge Pool. You can either choose between a 2 hour ‘Soak Session’ or if you’re feeling generous, an All Day ‘Soak Session’.

If you haven’t yet visited The Bathhouse before, you may be wondering what facilities you should be using first. Of course you can use the facilities in whichever order you choose and by all means… skip a few facilities. We know that not ALL facilities will be for everyone. However, we do have an order in which we recommend you use the facilities, to get the most health benefits out of them. The best part about this, is that The Bathhouse layout is already in this order for you!

Recommended Order

1.   Hydrotherapy Spa 1

2.   Hydrotherapy Spa 2

3.   Steam Room

4.   Sauna

5.   Hydrotherapy Spa 3

6.   Heated Magnesium Plunge Pool

The reason we recommend you use the facilities in this order is to slowly increase your body temperature, then slowly drop it back down again. This process will help to increase blood flow and improve body circulation. We do recommend using each facility for 15-30 minutes at one time, depending on preference and the duration of your ‘Soak Session’. The best part about finishing up at the Magnesium Plunge Pool is that you are able to order a bite to eat or sip on a drink by the pool cabanas. We know you’ll be peckish by the end of it! 

Click here to book in for your ‘Soak Session’ and be one step closer to making your self care a priority! #staysipsoak

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