It’s time to put the baby shower planning aside and plan a day for YOU. If you’re reading this you’re probably already a mum or about to be one! The best thing you can do before your baby arrives, is to prioritise your self care. 

What treatments can I have?

Our 'Soak Sessions' give you access to all of our facilities here at The Bathhouse. Although our Sauna and Steam Room aren’t pregnancy safe, you can still use two of our Hydrotherapy Spas and Magnesium Plunge Pool!

Hydrotherapy Spa (33 and 28 degrees)

You may just use this for pure relaxation and to free your mind from baby stress however, there are actually various health benefits to this! Winning. Hydrotherapy helps to hydrate your body cells, stimulates blood supply and boosts the immune system.

Magnesium Plunge Pool

Hello good hair, skin and nails! Take a dip in our magnesium plunge pool to help soothe your skin and increase hair elasticity. Not only will you’ll enjoy relaxing in our pool, but it also helps to lower blood pressure, and repairs muscle function!

Spa Facials

If your skin has changed throughout your pregnancy, just know that this is normal! Your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes and often your skin will tell you this. Not only will a spa facial assist in providing your skin with a deep cleanse and freshen up, but will also have you feeling ultimately relaxed. There’s nothing better than a décolletage massage during this time right?

Full Body Massage

This treatment speaks for itself. You may be experiencing body pain, potentially in your back, legs and feet. We have specialised pregnancy pillows to accomodate for your bump to be able to lay on your stomach… I bet you’re missing that! Our beds are also easily adjustable by height for your comfortability. We also use pregnancy safe oils to ensure the safest treatment for you and bub. This treatment can only be booked in once you have passed your first trimester.

Float Therapy

Imagine you’re laying in water with 450kgs magnesium salt, being able to float without any effort. Say goodbye to all the tension in your body with our Float Therapy. The levels of magnesium salt in the tank help to regulate your body's stress hormone and also triggers the release of endorphins. It provides an environment that helps the nervous system take a break from the exposure to mum-to-be stresses. 

The perfect package

We have put together the most perfect package for you called our ‘Baby Mumma Package’. which includes everything to ensure you receive the very best pampering experience prior to bubs arrival. This may just be the perfect baby shower gift right? Click here to watch a sneak peek video of the package!

What can’t I do?

We don’t perform any body treatments other than our aromatherapy massage (after the first trimester). This includes Hot Stone Massages and Vichy Shower treatments. Don’t worry, you’ll have all the time in the world to indulge in these treatments after Bub has arrived!

We also don’t perform any other facials other than our Spa Facial. This includes our Microdermabrasion Facial.

During your Soak Session it is not recommended to use the Sauna, Steam Room and our 39 degree Hydrotherapy Spa.

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