If you’re lucky enough to have experienced a facial treatment, you’ll know that a facial steamer is used to help with deep cleansing of the skin. If you don’t have time for regular facials then jumping into a Steam Room will give you similar benefits… plus its cheaper! 

Why should I add the Steam Room to my skincare routine?

Decongests and unclogs

If you’re concerned with texture on the skin, the steam room is the best place to be! The steam room helps to decongest, unclog the pores and flush out any dirt and grime from the skin through sweating out natural toxins.

Gives you a glow

Have you ever noticed once you’ve stepped out of a Steam Room, your skin has a glowing complexion? That’s because the heat of the steam room increases your blood flow and increases your skins circulation.

Hydrates the skin

The humidity in the steam room air helps to hydrate the skin by softening the pores and increasing circulation in your skin, which is amazing for collagen production!

Calm the skin

The moisture in the air helps to calm down any redness or irritation on the skin, this can include inflamed acne.


When you sweat, you’re removing excess sodium from the body, which can help with swelling and puffiness.

If these benefits haven’t sold you yet, using the steam room will also allow for better absorption of your skincare products. Meaning, the steam room will provide you with amazing skin benefits, even after you’re out!

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