Are you ready to take your 75-minute Spa Facial experience to the next level? We have added some exciting enhancements that are redefining the way we pamper you at The Bathhouse!

Your favourite facial is about to get an upgrade... a touch of luxury. Click here if you're more of a visual gal and want to see what we're talking about!

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Your rose quartz eye mask isn't just there for its visual appeal! The gentle weight and coolness of your rose quartz mask will help you to relax at the beginning of your facial, by easing tension around the eye area.

Ice Globe Massagers 

The cooling touch of the ice globe rollers awakens your skin, stimulates circulation, reduces puffiness and leaves you feeling refreshed! This step is performed during your serum application to enhance the absorption of the product, allowing the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Hair Combing

This is a massage in itself! Following the luxurious experience of a scalp massage, there's nothing quite like the ritual of hair combing to finish it off. Combining your scalp massage with hair combing helps to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, while also creating an experience of pure serenity!

Hydro Jelly Masks

If you've never experienced a hydro jelly mask, you're missing out! The best part about this step in your facial is that your mask is selected according to your skin goals. Your mask's unique texture will enhance the absorption of your serum and moisturiser, leaving you with enhanced results and a glowing complexion. 

Fun fact: Did you know your jelly mask can be applied over the eye and lip area?

Facial Promo

What better way to experience this facial than with our newest facial promo! Enjoy your 75-minute Spa Facial with a 1-hour Soak Session for $199 (valued at $259) when you book during the week for the month of September! Click here to book now! #staysipsoak 

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