While this time of year is the most magical time, it can also be quite stressful, especially when choosing gifts! Picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be quite tricky. Don’t worry, the Bathhouse girls are here to help navigate your way through gifting this year!

We've asked our girls their go to gifts, when purchasing for their family and friends!

Ash: “I normally buy my partner a nice watch. He has a beautiful watch collection so I love to always add to that. Or, I gift him Organic Rituals Peptide Cream because he always steals mine! But don’t tell him I said this out loud hahaha.”

Emma: “I always tend to buy self care presents, spa vouchers, body moisturisers, candles and all the beauty care essentials!”

Claudia: “I purchase items that i’ve heard them say they wanted e.g shoes, clothes or any accessories. I also invest in non physical gifts so that I can create memories, for example short holiday trips so that I get to spend time with the people I care about.”

Lauren: “My partner and I always buy experiences to do together as he appreciates that more over a physical present. Things like the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, swimming with dolphins. I even bring him here to The Bathhouse to enjoy some time out in the spas.”

Maddie: “I always purchase my mum a facial voucher for The Bathhouse because I know self care is something she loves but never books in for herself.”

Abby: “Self care, house decor and candles, get the boys bbq and camping things haha”

Indi: “I try to make note of things people mention they would like throughout the year so by the time Christmas comes around they don’t think I would remember them saying it, which makes it more special xx”

Georgia: “Depending on the person I go towards, self care, jewellery, accessories like bags and sunglasses etc”

Rianna: “I purchase things if they mention that they want it but don’t buy it for themselves… or I buy something sentimental that relates to our friendship/relationship!”

Gabby: “I always buy my partner experiences because we enjoy quality time together rather than physical gifts. I tend to do that with my own parents as well, buy them a night out in the city with dinner etc. For my mother in law, I usually buy her massage vouchers or float therapy here at The Bathhouse as I know it is something she enjoys but does not usually buy for herself.”

Laura: “I tend to gift accessories, products, luxury items that loved ones may not purchase for themselves.”

Kristy: “Especially for my mum I tend to buy her experiences where she can relax and unwind - last year I actually got her a voucher for a ‘mini vacay package’ for The Bathhouse and she loved it! I like to do things for her that she wouldn’t normally do for herself x”

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