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Do Not Disturb

All day access, 1hr float session, 80min hot stone massage. 75min facial, 60min vichy shower


Reset Button

All day access, 80min hot stone massage, 45min facial, 60min vichy shower


Sorry, I'm Busy

All day access, 60min float therapy, 75min facial


Holiday Mode On

2 hour soak session, 45min facial, 60min vichy shower


Baby Mumma

1 hour soak session, 45min Pregnancy facial, 60min float, 50min pregnancy massage


Freshen Up

2 hour soak session, 45min facial, 50min aroma massage


Hold My Calls

2 hour soak session, 80min aroma massage, 60min float therapy


Mini Vacay

1 hour soak session, 50 min massage, 45min spa facial


Cali Calm

1 hour soak session, 60min float therapy, 50mins aroma massage


Soak and Float

1 hour soak session, 1 hour float therapy session


'Sneaky Soak' | 2 Hour Soak Session

2 hour soak session


'Here For The Long Run' | All Day Soak Session

all day soak session