Warming up your body with a good sweat session doesn’t always have to involve an intensive physical workout. Saunas are designed to heat up the body assisting with various health benefits, both mentally and physically!

But if we’re talking about exercise… a sauna is a pretty good place to be right afterwards. Some say, this is the best time to use it! On the other hand, some say saunas are also just as beneficial when using them for relaxation purposes. Either way, spending time in the sauna whenever you want, still has loads of benefits.

Sauna Benefits

Reduces Toxins - Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself down. When your temperature rises and you begin to sweat, your body begins to naturally flush out toxins. These toxins can often be contributors to various diseases and health conditions.

Increases Skin Health - Want to amp up your skincare routine? Using a sauna regularly can help the moisture of the skin and reduce acne

Improves Circulation - Spending time in the sauna can have a positive effect on heart health! High temperature levels helps blood vessels expand, which improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Increases Metabolism - Being exposed to high level temperatures can increase your heart rate by 30% which then increases your metabolic rate!

Improve Muscle Function & Recovery - This is for those who love a good workout! Because the sauna increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, this helps your muscle recovery process! Exposure to heat also allows the muscles to relax easier helping muscle tension.

Should I use a sauna in summer or winter?

If you think about, using the sauna in the summer sounds a little crazy right? You could probably think of other ways to spend your ‘Soak Session’ like hanging out in the magnesium plunge pool. However, using the sauna when your body temperature is already warm can boost their benefits almost instantly as you’ll sweat quicker!

How long should I use a sauna for?

We recommend using the sauna for a duration of 30 - 45 minutes, depending on your preference and body’s lymphatic system!

Not only are there so many health benefits to using a sauna regularly, sauna sessions just make you feel like you have your life together right? Click here to book in for a 'Soak Session' now and say yes to self care! Click here to see a sneak peek video!

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