The question on everyone's minds here! What is a Vichy Shower?

If you have considered booking in for a Vichy Shower here at The Bathhouse but don't really know what to expect, you'll soon understand why its our most popular body treatment!

Our Vichy Shower treatment is performed in our couples Vichy Room... That's right, you can enjoy this experience with another loved one! To begin your treatment, our therapists will perform a full body exfoliation using our house made, original pineapple body scrub to help buff away dead skin cells and give smoother and brighter skin. This is perfect if you're trying to remove old fake tan from the body or during the cooler months when your skin is quite dry.

Our therapists will then beautifully apply a coconut infused Australian Clay body mask that will help to lock in hydration and provide your skin with an overall glow. If you're still reading this, you'll probably know by now that our Vichy Treatment is Pina Colada inspired, with our pineapple and coconut infused body products, you'll escape into a holiday dream! 

You'll really unfold into deep relaxation when our therapists turn on the 4 shower jets that are horizontally situated above you on your Vichy Bed. The shower jets will not only help to ease muscle tension, but will assist the therapist whilst they massage off the clay mask with a beautiful massage oil. 

Your experience is enhanced when finishing off with a facial cleanse with a  customised cleanser to suit your skins needs. 

Benefits of a Vichy Shower

That's right, not only does our Vichy Shower treatment feel amazing, it also provides you with many health benefits!

Boosts Immunity

The Vichy Shower massage aids lymphatic drainage as the massage jets stimulate circulation and detoxification in the body. This then helps to improve overall immunity function! 

Ease sore and tired muscles

The water pressure from the shower heads helps to massage sore and tired muscles which helps you to ultimately relax. Our therapists will set the water temperature to keep you nice and warm and can be easily adjusted to your needs. 

Removes dead skin cells

You may feel that your skin is starting to feel dryer especially in the colder weather. Our body scrub will help to buff away dry skin by polishing the skin to bring up fresh juicy cells to the surface. The exfoliation process will also help to treat body breakouts and minimise the chance of clogged pores or ingrown hairs.

Book in for your Vichy Shower treatment here! ps. it's much cheaper when booked in with a 'Soak Session'!

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