Have you ever noticed your plans with the girls never seem to make it out of the group chat? Planning a girls' pamper day can be super fun, but it's no secret that coordinating schedules, preferences, and personalities can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. That’s why The Bathhouse have tailored our group booking process to make it super easy for you!

What kind of friend in the group are you?

The Organised Planner: This girl is meticulous and loves to plan every detail of the day! They are generally the one to chase u everyones availabilities and details.

The Spontaneous Free Spirit: Preferring to go with the flow, this girl is always open to new ideas and is quick to adapt when plans change unexpectedly.

The Budget-Conscious Friend: Mindful of everyone's financial situation, this girl suggests affordable activities to ensure that everyone can participate without breaking the bank.

The Relaxation Girl: Understands the importance of self-care, suggests activities like The Bathhouse and probably came up with this idea!

The Team Player: Flexible and accommodating, this girl is willing to compromise and help execute the group's plans, ensuring that everyone has a great time together.

The Last-Minute Girl: Spontaneous and adventurous, this girl might join the plans at the eleventh hour, bringing an unexpected burst of energy and excitement to the group.

Send this to the rest of the group so they can learn what type of friend they are! #staysipsoak

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