Have you ever felt completely lost and unsure that you are making the right decisions as a mum? I have definitely been there. I’ve always said the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world is being a mum! The fact that we can create life, nurture our children, and watch them grow is the greatest gift of all. However, the responsibility of juggling mum life along with your work and personal life, often come with struggles. These struggles can often make you question your decisions.

Being a mum of 2 children (plus 2 fur babies) whilst running two extremely busy business’, the mum guilt is real. The feeling of wondering if you should be doing more or that you're not a good enough mum. It is completely normal to go through waves of overwhelm and fatigue. 

How do I manage?

The biggest lesson I have learnt from this amazing journey is to know and understand what charges my own battery. For some, charging their batteries includes lots of coffee.. but for me, I’m not a coffee drinker lol. A mindset coach once said to me “The only person that can fill your cup, is you”. This was such a lightbulb moment for me because I was always searching for an answer from other people. This is when I started making time for my own wellbeing. To show up for my kids and my employees, I had to show up for myself first. 

The moment I decided to shift my focus on the things I loved doing and worked on my self love, all my mum guilt faded away. I was able to be more present with my kids, have the perfect work/life balance, grow my business’ and even improve my marriage!

What I love to do for ME 

I absolutely love health retreats and the beach! Every year I go away for a few days by myself… YES away from my husband, kids and businesses. Sure, I miss the kids so much, but having that time away to sit in a steam room, plunge in a heated pool and read a book in my bed makes me feel the most recharged. I’m always filled with energy and excitement and ready to give my love and attention to my family & businesses that they deserve.

This is exactly why The Bathhouse concept was created during our covid lockdown! This was the time I’m sure everyone felt the most disconnected from family and friends. I wanted to create a space with facilities and services that I know would be amazing for mental and physical health, along with a hint of fun and laughter.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating YOU and how you have showed up for your kids. I’d love to encourage you to take some time out and think about what helps you feel fulfilled and what you can start doing for yourself to feel energised and recharged. Whether it’s a visit to the Bathhouse or just a nice walk on the beach, block it in your diary as a regular non-negotiable. Trust me you will be thanking me later #staysipsoak

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