Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to show your appreciation for the women who have always been there for you than by treating them to a day of relaxation and self-care? This year we are hosting a Mother’s Day event here at The Bathhouse, where you can soak amongst other women, celebrating women!

What's Included?

Enjoy a 2 hour soak session where you’ll have access to all communal facilities here at The Bathhouse. You’ll also receive an Aceology mask gift (retailed at $69) as you check in, allowing you to continue the pampering experience at home or while you’re using the Bathhouse facilities.

For 2 hours, you’ll have access to the magnesium plunge pool, where you can lounge on the cabanas, sip on a glass of bubbly and soak up all the benefits of the magnesium in the water. You’ll also have access to 3 hydrotherapy spas set at all different temperatures. Alternating between different temperatures can help relax muscles, reduce tension, and alleviate soreness.

Both unwind in the sauna, feeling every bit of stress and tension melt away! Next stop, the steam room! The steam room is a great way to help detoxify the skin to enhance radiance! Surround by all of these amazing soak facilities, you’ll both be able to talk about your favourite memories, share laughter and soak up the pure joy of being together on Mother’s Day.


When: Sunday 12th May

Price: $99pp

Session 1 time: 9am - 11am

Session 2 time: 12pm - 2pm

This Mother's Day, give your mum the gift of a spa day she'll rave about! A day packed with relaxation, rejuvenation, and loads of fun together! Click here to purchase your tickets now! #staysipsoak

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