So you’re wanting to indulge in a slice of paradise here at The Bathhouse, but you’re not sure if it’s worth coming in the cooler months? You may have questions like ‘isn’t it too cold to come in winter?’ Or feeling like you want to wait until the summer time to book yourself in.

Did you know, one of the best times to visit the bathhouse and use the facilities is actually in the winter time? You’re about the find out why!

The Magnesium Plunge Pool is heated

That’s right! During winter, the Plunge Pool is heated up so you can enjoy the Magnesium benefits all year long. This is the only facility that is outdoor so unless it rains, you get to plunge even when its cooler. That doesn’t mean the rain has stopped our clients in the past! I mean you’re getting wet anyway right?

Enjoy the heated facilities

During the summer, the weather is often too hot to enjoy most of the facilities. Of course you can enjoy lounging by the Magnesium Plunge Pool with a cocktail in your hand. However, the Sauna, Steam Room and Hydrotherapy Spas can get a little heated and therefore skipped. You will definitely get the most use out of your ‘Soak Session’ in the winter so you get to enjoy the health benefits from all of the facilities!

Increased health benefits

Warming up your body with a good sweat session doesn’t always have to involve an intensive physical workout. The Soak facilities are designed to heat up the body assisting with various health benefits, both mentally and physically!

Reduce Toxins - Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself down. When your temperature rises and you begin to sweat, your body begins to naturally flush out toxins. These toxins can often be contributors to various diseases and health conditions. The Sauna and Steam Room are perfect for this.

Increases Skin Health - Want to amp up your skincare routine? Using a Steam Room regularly can help the moisture of the skin and reduce acne. The Magnesium Plunge Pool can also help with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Improves Circulation - Spending time in the Sauna or Steam Room can have a positive effect on heart health! High temperature levels helps blood vessels expand, which improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Increases Metabolism - Being exposed to high level temperatures can increase your heart rate by 30% which then increases your metabolic rate! Hello Sauna and Steam Room!

Improve Muscle Function & Recovery - This is for those who love a good workout! Because the sauna increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, this helps your muscle recovery process! The hydrotherapy spas allow the muscles to relax easier helping with muscle tension.

Most facilities are indoors

Leave the stress of the cold weather and the rain out the window… literally! All Soak Facilities, including the Sauna, Steam Room and 3 Hydrotherapy Spas are all indoors so you can enjoy and warm up no matter what the weather is outside! The Magnesium Plunge Pool is the only facility outdoors however, is heated during the winter. 

Click here to book your ‘Soak Session’ now and say goodbye to the stress of the cold weather! #staysipsoak

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