The first in Australia! Introducing the LED Lounger Treatment at The Bathhouse!

We're bubbling with excitement (and so will you!) as we reveal our latest treatment, the LED Lounger Treatment. We're the the very first in Australia to bring this exclusive treatment right to you!

What's the Glow About?

LED therapy uses light-emitting diodes to unleash the power of light on your body, promoting healing, rejuvenation, and a whole lot of feel-good vibes. But wait, we're turning up the warmth with the addition of infrared therapy! Imagine laying on an ergonomic bed, healing your body's needs from relaxation to revitalisation.

Meditation Meets LED

The the beginning of your treatment while the LED works its magic, we guide you through a meditation with Sound Bowls to calm the mind, and relax the body so you can enjoy the full treatment in total relax mode. And because we love pampering you, we've included luxurious eye treatment for you. This will help to brighten, tighten, and refresh your eyes, leaving you looking (and feeling) like you've just had the most refreshing nap of your life

Health Benefits

The LED Lounger Treatment isn't just about feeling good; it's about doing good for your body. From boosting collagen production and reducing inflammation to improving skin tone and accelerating healing, the benefits are as vast as they are vital. It's a health kick for your whole body, delivered in the most relaxing way imaginable.

Are you ready to be the first to experience this radiant revolution? Lounge with us and light up your wellness journey! Click here to book now #staysipsoak

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